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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 09:59

Оксана ФоминВлад ФоминHiking, backpacking, skiing, extreme and different kinds of "safari" tour, started many years ago while still in the Ukraine. Both of us in the past were athletes and professional coaches with tertiary sports education . More than 25 years spent in the travel business instructors, guides and tours, ranging from light hiking and mountain climbing routes to the complex in different regions of the former USSR, Europe and Asia.

We are based in one of the most beautiful corners of the earth - in the center of the New Zealand's South Island, near New spurs NZ Southern Alps, in the mountainous region of the Mackenzie. Town called Twizel, is located at an altitude of 475 meters, just 45 minutes away from the country's highest point - the peak name of Captain James Cook National Park with the same name. This park is one of several National Parks of New Zealand, members of the world treasure by UNESCO.

Around the town are several large lakes, as well as many large and small rivers. In addition, within a 100 km zone, located luxury mountain forests. So fishing for trout and salmon, as well as various types of hunting in the region are inadequate.

In November 2007, our company moved into the region of North Canterbury, to the town of Hanmer Springs , located about 150 km. from the largest cities on the island - Christchurch (international airport). Hanmer Springs are located in the Spruce Mountain at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level and is world famous for its hot medicinal springs. For tourists arriving in the South Island, a small town (usually) becomes the "point number one in a series planned to visit the wonders of New Zealand.

We can say with full responsibility that for over 10 years living and working in New Zealand, we have become familiar quite well with the South Island. It is therefore possible to contact with us on almost all issues of any kind of tourism in the country. Be able to help and sensibly to tell - what, where and how. Our company takes a group or individual tourists  from Europe, America, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Carefully, intelligently and with pleasure we render services to develop programs and support of tourists forming groups and teams throughout New Zealand and Australia.

The nature of the South Island of New Zealand is somewhat similar to moderate European mountainous regions. Mountains and cliffs, pristine rivers and lakes, birch and spruce, mountain ash and wild rose, butter mushrooms and boletus in the autumn, great trout and salmon fishing, as well as various types of hunting nearly year-round. Average temperature in summer (December-February), 25 in winter (June - August) and -10. Of course, the best time for tourist visits to the country - this is our summer, but winter can also be a good time and try lots of different types of tourism activity. This is primarily an excellent ski tourism and snowboarding. On the island many magnificent ski slopes and complex for any skill level, and the mountain resorts of Coronet Peak, Remakebel, Tripel Corn and Cardrona, which are in Wanaka and Queenstown - it's just a mecca for skiers in winter!

Quite naturally, the hiking trails vary in the winter season and are somewhat different from the summer, but it is always possible to come up with something unusual for your tastes and interests. In the winter, too, quite successfully, and you can fish and hunt. Country of its location is unique - it is possible in one day and go skiing, and after 3-4 hours to plunge into the ocean.

You can work on individual programs depending on the capabilities and skills, it is not necessary to climb this far into the mountains or the woods and spend a lot of money and effort. There are also simpler and more affordable options. The main thing is to realistically assess their capabilities and efforts and to know - what you want more.

Daytime fishing licenses in New Zealand is $19 NZ + transport, maintenance, equipment and guide services per hour of about $ 70-90. The main object of sport fishing is brown and rainbow trout, in addition to the usual country, salmon and eel belobryuhy. Not uncommon, very decent trophy specimens (see the relevant section of the photo album). In New Zealand, is very popular spinning fishing lure and fishing "fly" on an artificial fly, in general the rank of national culture and sports. Besides possible ocean shore fishing during high tide, access to the ocean on a fishing boat, diving for lobster or underwater hunting in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Hunting is a bit more expensive, especially for trophy deer specimens. There are many interesting objects of this sport, different types of hunting seasons overlap in time and do not stop all year round. Seven species of deer, chamois shemmi, Himalayan Taara, mountain goats, wild pigs, hares, rabbits, possums, kangaroos, vallabies, Canadian geese, pheasants, turkeys and many species of ducks will leave no one indifferent, and satisfy the demand the most demanding hunter.

We must not forget to bring a personal permission for arms, if you want to bring and to hunt with something personally own. Translated into English and notarized Russian or Ukrainian weapons permit, allows to obtain not only a tourist hunting license for a period of six months (at the airport), but also in the shops of the country any hunting weapon - from the shotgun to the semi-automatic rifle. We provide the opportunity to rent and use weapons of Company wide variety of models, depending on the type of hunting.

Large predators, snakes and other poisonous creatures are absent from the country. Two of the biggest predator is the falcon - New Zealand hawk and ferret - a creature of the marten family.

To serve our guests, the Company uses its own fleet of vehicles - from off-road Landrover for the wilderness areas of the country to comfortable bus for "smooth" sightseeing tour.

Well, if you're still here - then continue:)

They say that the world is only 5 places to visit are during life it is necessary. New Zealand is just part of this "five".

A small country, very friendly and international. Where once we have not seen here people! New Zealanders and Kiwi (white population) and Maori (natives), all very friendly, always smile, always ready to help in any situation and very trustworthy. The main thing is that like in the country and immediately catches the eye visiting tourists - it is easy to use. We often meet and work with well-known and respected people from around the world and must say that even they quickly begin to behave in the country as well as local residents. Probably not the last place there is the very environment. Sometimes over a beer at the local pub, we had to face the same table and with a student from Europe, Hitchhikers, and with well-known American artists and millionaires. Especially in the mountain village of Mount Cook at shooting by Kalambo Pictures film "Vertical Limit" and "Lord of the Rings."

The highest point of New Zealand -  Mt.Cook (in the name of Captain James Cook - 3,754 m.), located 63 km from our base in Twizel, and is visible in the morning from the windows. Is now poised to big new tourism program for the next winter-summer season, is ready to a new page with information and new pictures in the photo. More than 50 percent of our work falls on the maintenance of small groups or families according to individual orders and plans, according to the principle - "what they want." But we are also happy to render all possible assistance to the ready-made itineraries and developed programs. We just do not like very much depend on the limited route, time and mileage. Much more exciting and unusual can be seen traveling on their own plans and introducing its own "flavor" in the "New Zealand's pie." And can we believe - that tell and show the country we are more interesting and exciting. There is always a time before such a trip zakontaktirovat with us and work out a specific route based on time, interests and budget. Of course, it is better to do it in advance - two months or three years, especially in "high" tourist season.

As in any time you can contact us with any other issues - always glad to new acquaintances and co-operation!

Details and contact us by e-mail:

vlad.mtcook @

vlad.fomin @

If you have something important - it is better to duplicate the letter to three addresses, just in case.

Our nickname in Skype - vladmtcook

Sincerely - Vladimir, Oksana, on behalf of of the Company "ROCK WOLF & CO."


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